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Finding the right CBD Oil Brand for you can sometimes feel like an overwhelmingly tricky challenge. There are all kinds of different CBD companies available online, but how are you supposed to find the one that works for you reliably?

The top CBD companies out there are sometimes a bit frustrating to discover, as they tend to not necessarily dedicate a lot of their time and money towards advertisements. The very best brands instead focus their efforts on making you the very best CBD products possible.

Here are a few of the very best CBD brands available right now and what they have to offer.

Green Roads


Green Roads is one of those brands that most people will have already heard of at some point when looking for CBD oil. Their oil is well known in the CBD community as being incredibly reliable, as well as just generally a useful go-to brand for CBD oil.

They offer concise yet detailed lab results, as well as having a wide variety of different products available. This is especially true for their range of edibles. You can find gummy frogs, toads, bites, bears, and more. Their prices begin from as low as $4.95 and up to $43.95 for larger tubs of edibles. If you aren’t keen on gummies, you can also find CBD coffee, CBD capsules, and even pet products. This allows you to choose whatever kind of CBD product you want.

You might find that the most challenging thing about the site is sorting through all the different products; at times, it might get confusing. So, make sure you read each description thoroughly.

However, Green Roads CBD is also incredibly welcoming for beginners, offering a wealth of useful information to help those inexperienced with CBD to learn more.



With a vast array of third party testing and a significant focus on scientific methods, CBDistillery is an excellent brand for those more interested in the art of CBD products.

This company doesn’t have as much variety as we have seen on other sites, but what they do supply is high-quality represented in simplicity. You can find all the core products we have come to expect on a CBD site, topicals, oils, and capsules. But their range of isolates might be their most exciting product line. Both the Crystalline and CBDelicious isolates come in a powder form and can be bought in a staggering 100 grams. Although this might set you back $2,000 for the Crystalline, at least you can be assured that it will last a long time.

These products are also at the height of versatility. So, whether you want to add them to a recipe or a cup of coffee, you can.

CBDistillery boasts an impressive list of associations, whether that be CNN, Forbes, or The New York Times. Their reputation is only one reason to take a look at this company’s site.

Premium Jane


Premium Jane

Premium Jane CBD is made using processes as natural as possible, with only entirely organically and naturally sourced ingredients.

Though it can tend to cost a little bit more, Premium Jane CBD oil comes in three delicious flavors. You can find a range of Natural, Citrus, and Mint flavors, in either a 300mg, 600mg, or 1,000mg formulation. This variety makes Premium Jane very accessible for the novice user. And, it means you can take a break from the original bitter taste of CBD.

The website itself is extremely clear to navigate, and you won’t find any problems finding your desired product. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even sample their range of CBD bath bombs, which begin at only $10.99. You can find an Almond Coconut, Raspberry, Lavender, Jasmine, and Eucalyptus recipe.

Premium Jane is one of those brands that have immediate brand recognition, so if you haven’t tried some of their products yet, it should definitely be in your bucket list.




If you want a brand with a strong message to send, PureKana is it. They are a brand in touch with the modern world, evident from the display of Instagram influencers on the site. And don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten to include how many followers their fans have.

But they aren’t just another gimmick. PureKana offers high-quality products that are extensively lab-tested to ensure they contain no more than 0.3% THC. They also make sure that all their products are completely organic, meaning no GMOs.

As for the products themselves, you can find everything and more that you would expect from a CBD brand. But there are a few surprises in the mix, like their Pure Picks. These products contain 25mg CBD per pick and ten picks per pack. If you aren’t a fan of traditional consumption methods, you may find these a happy distraction. Instead of swallowing liquids or tablets, you can chew on either end of the product to achieve the desired effect. And, they won’t break the bank either. Each pack costs only $29, which is one of the cheaper products you will find on the site.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a CBD brand famous for their contribution to the science of CBD. But whether you have heard of this brand or not, they are certainly a cause for intrigue. With a stylish and professional website, Charlotte’s Web offers new customers a unique experience. Whether that’s taking their CBD quiz or exploring their blog.

When it comes down to the products themselves, the company offers a good range of variety. You can find lots of choices when looking for either CBD oils or pet products. In fact, they have one of the most varied ranges of dog products we have seen. They even sell products specific for certain body parts such as their Hip and Joint Chews, which retail at $19.99. And it’s a challenge to find another brand that offers as many product bundles as Charlotte’s web. They offer up to 19 different variations of their products, which is an excellent way of saving money too.

If you are looking for product innovation Charlotte’s Web isn’t the right brand. But if you want a quality brand that lives up to their reputation, you may have found it.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a CBD brand that screams fun. Their acid green logo featuring a fuse-lit bomb represents the brand perfectly; explosive. The site itself carries too many products to mention; they stock gummies, oils, vapes, shots, and even clothing. One unique product on their website is the range of CBD Patches. Each patch costs $24.99 and is infused with 25mg CBD. Customers can use this product for up to 12 hours per patch.

Based in Florida, the brand complies with Florida’s CBD regulations. Part of this compliance is ensuring they conduct strict lab testing on their products. To make it easy for their customers to find lab results each product’s packaging has a scannable barcode to access the lab page.

The website layout might come across chaotic at times for beginners. The sheer number of product categories can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. But to combat this,

Hemp Bombs has provided an informative CBD section labeled ‘Learn’. This is a great resource for customers who want to learn more about CBD and how it works within our bodies.



FabCBD boasts a website full of extremely positive customer reviews. But do they truly reflect the product quality? FabCBD uses Colorado-grown hemp to use in their products, a state known for its quality industrial hemp crops.

The people behind the brand are made up of professionals from both the health and fitness industries. Their passion was to create a brand that uses quality ingredients to make premium products.

You can find these products in a variety of different CBD forms, oil, cream, vape pens, treats, and gummies.

One of their most popular products are the vape pens, which cost $39. You can purchase either the Calm or Active pen, depending on their preference. Unfortunately, they only offer disposable pens, which are not viable options for more environmentally conscious customers.

If you want to read reviews on FabCBD’s products and the brand itself, check out the company’s website.

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