CBD Gummies?

My DD is an RN & keeps insisting I should buy my mother some CBD gummies (without THC) to help with her chronic, high level anxiety & pain from neuropathy in her legs/feet. Her doctor upped her dose of pain medication at night, which keeps her asleep now, but to give her a higher dose during the day is probably not a good idea for a few different reasons, Stage 4 kidney failure being #1, meaning the meds will build up in her system & she won’t be able to get rid of them properly.

So I ordered these CBD gummies on Amazon the other day.

$29.00 for 180 gummies, 2 gummies is 1 dose. I took 2 yesterday and fell asleep. Today I took 2 and feel extremely RELAXED and mellow. I am not paying attention to the pain in my hip/back that usually drives me crazy.

These little guys do work, at least for me! Now, the problem is going to be getting them to my mother who lives in Memory Care. The staff won’t give them out, even if the doctor writes an order, which is pure stupidity in my opinion. They’re not pot, there’s no THC in them, and you can purchase them on Amazon, like face cream or vitamins. So……they won’t let her keep ‘medications’ or even vitamins in her room ( in case she decides they’re delicious and eats the whole jar at once), and I can’t get in there to give them to her personally.

Good grief. Anyone figure out a way around the red tape in Memory Care to give your LO CBD gummies?

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