CBD and Epilepsy

What is epilepsy?

 Epilepsy is a medical condition that causes frequent seizures in its sufferers. There are many different types of epilepsy, including some types of epilepsy that only last for a limited time. However, Epilepsy is a life-long condition for many of its sufferers.

 What are Seizures?

 Seizures are bursts of electrical activity in the brain – and these bursts of electricity affect how the brain works for a temporary period. There are two main types of seizures: Generalised seizures and Focal Seizures.

 Generalised seizures are seizures that affect the whole brain, whilst Focal seizures affect one part of the brain.

 Symptoms of epilepsy

  • Fits (uncontrollable shaking and jerking)
  • Blank staring
  • Passing out
  • Becoming stiff
  • Loss of awareness for what is happening


 Treatment for epilepsy often involves Anti-epileptic drugs (AED’s), however it can take some time for sufferers to find the medication that works for them. If medication does not seem to be effective, other types of treatments may be considered. These include, brain surgery, vagus nerve stimulation, and sometimes even ketogenic diet.

 CBD and Epilepsy

In the UK, medical cannabis has recently become legal, and in some cases can be prescribed to treat epilepsy. A treatment called Epidyolex that contains CBD is has been licensed for treating epilepsy. Currently, in the UK only people with certain types of epilepsy are offered this treatment on the NHS, however prescriptions are often given out based on case by case.

Epilepsy.org states that studies suggest that CBD may be an effective treatment for children with types of epilepsy that are difficult to treat. Based on a recent study, the review found that one in every 8 people taking CBD would have a 50% or more reduction in seizures.

Whilst there is a lot of research on CBD and Epilepsy, more studies have to be done to fully understand how CBD works with the body and its effectiveness.

More and more people are turning to CBD for a natural supplement, for their own ailments.


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