R134a hemp and cannabis extraction advice and comments

My biggest question is, will combining a hydrofluorocarbon with a hydrocarbon contaminate the hydrocarbon indefinitely? Maybe some sort of unbreakable azeotrope or even a chemical conversion… I don’t have experience […]

OMMA Weighs In On Medical Marijuana Slushies

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has provided guidance on the processing and dispensing of marijuana-infused slushies (it seems they are a thing) on-site at medical marijuana dispensaries. OMMA says […]

Giving CBD to Your Aging Animal

If you have a beloved pet, you probably want to give your pet the best care so they can live a long healthy life as your unconditional loving companions. Animals […]

Ecofibre Opens New U.S. Hemp Facility

Australian hemp company Ecofibre (ASX:EOF) has officially opened its new facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, USA. According to local station WKYT, the facility is part of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s […]