Get a clear picture of where your brand sits in this emerging market with unparalleled insights and data that drive better-connected campaigns for THC and CBD based products.


Drive consumers to engage with your brand online and offline — whether that’s  buying a product or signing up for a mailing list.


Bespoke insights  inform smarter targeting and results-driven campaigns across paid media channels.

Location-based targeting

Target your customers along their real-world journey and drive footfall to a specific location.

Macro moments

Inform media campaigns so they match up with the things happening in the real-world.

Audience Insights

Understand the audience profiles of visitors to your website and/or brick and mortar locations.


Measure the impact of your advertising efforts and learn who visited a dispensary or your website.

Creative development

Captivate your audience with diverse, high impact and mobile-first formats.

Brand Studies

Find out if your campaign strategy resonates with consumers, and drove awareness and/or lift.

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