Can You Fly With CBD Oil? Everything You Need To Know

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Many CBD patients and fans are wondering the same thing: can you fly with CBD oil in the US? CBD can help to calm flight-induced anxiety, and many travelers toting a CBD product need it for critical medical use. So what’s the deal with traveling with CBD oil?

Thanks to the most recent TSA communication, the answer is clearer than ever. According to the government website in a May 2019 update, you can fly with CBD oil in your carry-on or checked bag, so long as there’s less than 0.3% THC present in your product. All CBD Oil Solutions products are below the 0.3% THC threshold as mandated by the Farm Bill and are allowed for air travel within the United States.

Can you Fly with CBD Oil in the US? The answer is YES!

This is excellent news for anyone using CBD as a medicine for epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Because CBD is legal at the federal level, you can fly from state to state with it. As of now, cannabis high in THC over 0.3% is deemed marijuana and still federally illegal, despite being legal to consume recreationally in 10 states (plus Washington DC) and medically legal in 33.

Here’s my tip: If you want to make things even easier on yourself, place your CBD product with the rest of your toiletries and medicines in a dopp kit in your carry-on or checked bag. TSA doesn’t look for cannabis products, as they said in an Instagram earlier this year. Yes, CBD is federally legal and you can fly with CBD oil in any of your bags, but personally I like to keep things tucked away to avoid anything that could potentially cause a snag in my travel itinerary (let’s keep everything as relaxed and problem-free as possible, right?). I’ve been traveling with CBD for years and have never had an issue, thanks to this approach I just add my current CBD tincture or CBD cream with my toiletries and my  in-flight kit of facial sprays, essential oils, ibuprofen, and hand creams.

A word of caution: you cannot fly with CBD oil to many countries outside the US, including countries that have legalized cannabis of all forms (specifically Canada). Please make sure you check the legalities of each country you visit (not just if it’s legal to consume there — you have to know if it’s legal to cross their border with it!). In extreme cases, like in China, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, UAE, and Egypt, bringing CBD in and out of their country is considered drug smuggling and is punishable by death penalty. So… you’re going to want to avoid that for now.

But in the US, you’re good to go. Get ready to fly with a feeling of peace and serenity thanks to CBD. I personally think it’s a much healthier choice than an unprescribed Xanax or that in-flight shot of vodka. Happy travels!

Can You Fly With CBD Oil? Everything You Need To Know
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