By: Talia

In reply to Elaine Robertson.

Elaine, i hope you see this comment.Iit just broke my heart when you said ” find myself not talking as much to avoid embarrassment” I just needed a reminder that dad is probably second guessing himself often/holding back due to possible embarrassment. We are in WI, so I can’t imagine being able to openly discuss this with his care team and even get advice/prescription. Elaine, I hope you found something that helps you. I think the CBD oil can help so many things. I think THC will help with sleep, mood, anxiety, etc. I definitely think with THC start as low as you can and find what feels best. I think higher amounts of quality CBD are better, but I know that is such a complex thing….I had someone at a nutrition store talk to me about CBD for over an hour and I finally stopped and said “listen, if I were your mother and I had dementia, what would you give me?” I should have said that an hour earlier! Bless you Elaine, I am thinking of you today..

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