By: Stephanie Jo

I have been using CBD for nearly seven months. I have suffered from depression for the past twelve years, with a particularly nasty bout of post-partum depression two years ago. Lifestyle changes (especially cutting out sugar) seem to be key in preventing my depression, but I noticed a great improvement when starting CBD. CBD took my mental wellness to the “next level.” I noticed a difference about a week into taking it, and my symptoms have continued to improve. My research indicates that CBD has a cumulitive effect, meaning it builds up and you can take less over time. Therefore, a more bio-available brand (SOL CBD is my favorite; Ojai Energetics is good) will “kick in” more quickly. I take less CBD now than I did the first handful of months, but I never plan to “go off of” CBD; it is an important supplement for my health. I would really encourage everyone to give it a shot! Just do NOT skimp on quality!

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