By: Ronda Frederickson

When using Cannabis for treatment of any ailment, one must remember that our bodies function slightly different than each other and so the amounts, content, dosages all vary. You will need to be your own guinea pig. You really can’t do harm if taking too much so start small and build up on strength, THC/CHD balance until you find the relief you are seeking. It may take awhile to find the balance but so worth the time. I believe both the elements in cannabis are beneficial. Higher THC content in the oil certainly helps in my 30-some year insomnia battle. For the first time in many years, I fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer, waking feeling much more rested. I recommend taking the infused oil orally just before bed. I suffer from stress/anxiety issues as well as Fibro. Both issues are greatly improved since starting on this journey.

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