By: n97novice

Thank you for this insight. I was racking my brain on how I’m going to get hold of CBD oil without any or very little TCH oil. Now from your comments the TCH can definitely benefit some of what I’m suffering. I just now need to see how I can get hold of some good quality CBD/TCH oil – although I don’t particularly want to get high. I’ve been diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis and now am exhibiting the onset of brain disease although brain still in the normal range. I need to try and reverse as much as I can before it takes hold. My Systemic Sclerosis appears to be going well – I’m healthy considering it’s a mother autoimmune disease but am scared now of my brain. Please, if anyone knows a trusted source I can get some oil from please let me know. I from the UK and can’t afford to waste money to line others pockets whilst suffering. I’m reaching out to anyone with that is human and knows – please let me know.

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