By: Moira Atkinson

In reply to Dora.

This worries me slightly. Firstly, talk of buying word-of-mouth recommended cannabis could lead people to bypass the opinion (and recommended source) of their medical consultant and potentially unregulated sources could creep in on the act, sensing a niche in a desperate market.
Also, I can see that if unlimited doses of THC can be bought, it might not all find its way into the person suffering from dementia. Indeed – do we have the right to administer these drugs in an arbitrary way, to people who may not be able to give their consent, or understand what they’re taking? Medical power of attorney would give that right of course, but I would have liked to see this drug being given in a supervised setting on a daily basis, a bit like recovering addicts are supervised – in the UK anyway – when given methadone, in an attempt to prevent it getting into the black market and because the potential for harm is huge if it falls into the wrong hands.

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