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Hi jessica and wendy. this may come a little late, but i can share some professional insight on this (i ran a medical cannabis shop in sf, ca for 7+ years helping elderly folks successfully administer cannabis as medicine). If you’re in California, I would recommend a spray call Breez by royal garden society. they make two that are particularly efficacious and versatile to start with. CBD/THC 1:1 cinnamon and a 25:1 CBD/THC citrus. they’re dosed low enough so that you can start with one pump of the spray and go from there. i’m not sure what research says start high, but aside from certain severe neurological disorders, even a small daily dose can have exponentially efficacious effects. starting small also enables you to work your way up to a larger dose if necessary while minimizing the psychoactive effects which could cause adverse reactions in patients that aren’t familiar or comfortable with mind-altering plant medicine. as they become more comfortable with mild effects, a higher dose of psychoactivity could have benefits all of it’s own. if you can’t find Breez, Humboldt Apothecary is a women-run collective who makes tinctures of equally high botanical integrity. There are others of course, just try to get something of high botanical integrity, made with medicinal intent, ideally at or close to 1:1 cbd/thc ratio and easily dosed in increments of 5mg>. if you can’t find the exact ratio you want, i recommend buying a high CBD product and a THC product and combining the two to make the desired ratio. CBD is difficult to do too much of, but THC you want to start at 2.5-5mg.
oh yes, and ask for “full-spectrum” extracts (ie tinctures, sprays, etc) rather than distillate which is “purer” thc or cbd but is also more processed. the components of the plant all work together, so you want to keep them intact ie full-spectrum. everything on the “legal” market is tested now, so you can be sure it’s clean, but “pure” thc or cbd is reducing the potency of the entire plant.
hope this helps.

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