By: david newell

I am 74, and had an operation at the t 10 level 4 years ago which has left me with enduring pain, for which I take Percocet. I also have sciatica, which is getting worse, leading to locomotion difficulties.
I was amazed at the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD’s, which I cynically tried, expecting no results, and it interdicted the problem.
I cancelled another scheduled lumbar back operation, happily. Unfortunately, I told my physician about this: who promptly discontinued the pain medication, in accordance with a (so called) “contract” I had signed to forgo “street drugs”.
(Note that cannabis is legal in this state, and I had obtained a “medical marijuana” permit )
Therefore, under this coercion, I discontinued CBD’s, and am going to re-schedule the surgery next week.(Actually, I’m going to see if I can get another caudal prednisone injection first..)
This treatment, from a large HMO whose motto is “Thrive”???
I had both a urine and blood draw drug screen yesterday, results not back yet.
So, this is my comment:

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