By: BR

Legit top notch CBD gummies and a great sleep aid. Super tasty…even addicting. Searching for gummies in general that isn’t made with pig gelatin is difficult enough; but even harder in the CBD world. Price is about the best you will find, but I hope they all come down at some point. Remember flat screen Tv’s when they first came out? It was almost like saving for a diamond ring. I also wish they made normal CBD gummies (without the sugar coatings) in different flavors. Finally found out that Haribo makes kosher gummies and they’re more expensive yet taste exactly the same. Makes me wonder why all gummies can’t be kosher. Oh I know why, same reason all food isn’t “organic”…more $$$ for them. If Chief Botanicals could find a way to make regular vegan CBD gummies with a great taste like Haribo, they’ll take over the industry! But I’m sure they will try to even if they don’t.

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