Best CBD Edibles: 9 Delicious Products!

If you want to consume CBD in a hassle-free, discreet and appetizing way, edibles are your best bet. CBD edibles have grown in popularity because of their convenience and large variety – from chocolates to gummies to syrups. In our round-up of the best CBD edibles out there, we’ve found the products that will ensure satisfaction.

Why take CBD edibles?

While CBD edibles may take longer to kick in than a vape pen or even a capsule, they are more slowly metabolized by the system and therefore the CBD in them produces longer lasting effects. It’s also popular among those with lung irritation who may not be able to tolerate vaping, not to mention it’s more inconspicuous to chew on an edible at the office than vaping at your cubicle. Above all, they’re delicious – or at least the ones on our list of best CBD edibles are!

What to look for:

Organically Grown Hemp

You want to make sure that what you get is pure CBD goodness, and nothing else. Anyone dealing in CBD manufacturing knows that hemp is a plant that by nature absorbs toxins from the surrounding soil, which is why it’s doubly important that they source their CBD from organically grown hemp or hemp grown without the use of any pesticides, fertilizers or other agrochemicals.


Companies selling any food products must be held accountable for the contents of their label. This is more imperative when it comes to CBD edibles. If you’re using the edibles for specific purposes, it should be clear how much CBD is in each product and serving. The easiest way to know if your manufacturer of choice is trustworthy is to look for third-party lab test results. If independently conducted lab tests confirm that your product contains the amount of CBD it claims to and contains no traces of solvents, metals or bacteria, then it’s safe to take. All the products on our best CBD edibles list offer third-party lab test results on their websites.


Variety really is the spice of life, and with edibles, the varieties are endless! Gummies are a timeless classic, and newer varieties are picking up steam as well. We’ve made sure to include a plethora of options in our best CBD edibles list so you’re spoiled for choice!

No FDA Warnings

Between 2015 and 2017, several CBD manufacturers were sent warning letters by the FDA for misinformation; either related to the amount of CBD in their products or claims that their product can cure or treat a condition. Needless to say, any company that misrepresented its ingredients did not make it to our best CBD edibles list.


Let the snacking begin! Here’s our list, in no particular order.

satori best cbd edibles

Satori Chocolates

These chocolate bites, while delicious, may not be ideal for your work week because they do contain small amounts of THC (even the CBD-dominant ones). They come in 2 varieties: salted caramel almonds in dark chocolate and wild strawberries in milk chocolate. These mouth-watering options would probably be best enjoyed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

CBD gumdrops editors choice

Hempure Gummies

Efficiency, flavor and SFW! These yummy gumdrops are completely THC free and contain full-spectrum CBD that is vegan, GMO-free, and derived from hemp that is grown in the USA. Each gumdrop contains 25mg of CBD, in a packet of 15 drops, which makes dosing a breeze. Whether you need some relaxation on your daily commute or during your weekend at the beach, these will fit into your schedule.

sunday scaries best cbd edibles

For Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries promises ‘anxiety relief’ which might be a premature claim, but nevertheless, these well-reviewed gummies are high on quality. For an added boost of vitality, they’re also enriched with vitamins D3 and B12, and contain zero THC. These gummies do contain gelatin so they aren’t vegan, but they also have a range of those if you’re interested.

cbdfx best cbd edibles


If you’re looking for something lighter in a bottle that lasts longer, CBDfx’s gummy bears contain 5mg of CBD per gummy in a bottle of 60 gummy bears. This means you’ll probably have to take a few extra if you’re taking CBD for therapeutic purposes, but they taste so good, you won’t mind.

endoca best cbd ediblesEndoca

Looking to combine your love for CBD with minty fresh breath? Endoca has a product for you! Their CBD chewing gum slowly releases 15mg of CBD into the bloodstream. This is also an interesting way to consume CBD since it’s absorbed through superficial capillaries in the mouth and tongue, and not via the digestive system. Each box contains 10 pieces, but they do offer discounts on bigger orders.

mana best cbd ediblesMana Botanics

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, Mana Artisan Botanics’ honey might be right for you. Albeit a little on the steeper side, the company makes up for it with their insistence on quality. Each product by Mana Botanics is crafted ‘artisan style’ in Hawaii. The company also supports local farmers wherever possible, which is a huge plus! Add it to your herbal tea or apply it to your skin – this is as versatile as it gets!

hemp bombs best cbd ediblesHemp Bombs

While this may qualify more as a ‘drinkable’ than an ‘edible’, Hemp Bombs’ max chill shot’s high flavor payoff has put it on our list. The shot contains zero THC as confirmed by third-party lab tests. Each shot contains 75 mg of CBD, but since it’s liquid, a completely accurate dosing of less than that might be difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, you can take a full shot and know that you’re getting 75mg.

diamond cbd best cbd ediblesDiamond CBD

Who doesn’t love cake pops? These bite-sized delights by Diamond CBD combine the joy of cake and the joy of CBD; perfect after a long day at the office. At 30mg of CBD per cake pop (each sold separately), these probably aren’t a long-term solution but could be a nice pick-me-up to treat yourself once in a roads best cbd edibles

Green Roads

Green Roads’ CBD Soothe syrups come in 3 flavors: grape, mango, and strawberry. These are specifically designed for sleep which is why each bottle contains 10mg of melatonin in addition to the 60mg of CBD isolate. We’d recommend consuming this at the end of a long day, and definitely not throughout the day (like the max chill shot, for instance).

CBD edibles are constantly evolving and newer varieties are surfacing, and we hope to cover every product that seems promising! In case edibles aren’t your thing and you’re looking for a quicker fix, check out our list of best CBD vape oils or best CBD tinctures.

Have a suggestion for best CBD edibles? Get in touch and let us know!

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