(Another) Research Study– Medical Marijuana And Prescription Opioids

Medical cannabis and opioid use reduction

A research study observing the effect of medical marijuana on recommended opioid use in persistent discomfort clients has actually exposed intriguing outcomes.

The United States opioid epidemic declared 47,600 lives in 2017 and it’s approximated 10.3 million individuals were misusing opioids in 2018– an incredible 3.7% of the United States population. It’s believed medical marijuana might have the ability to assist attend to the scenario and different research studies have actually shown this may be the case.

Among the more current research studies included 525 clients from 3 medical marijuana practice websites who had actually utilized prescription opioid medications to deal with persistent discomfort for a minimum of 3 months constantly– and were utilizing medical marijuana in mix with these medications.

40.4% reported they stopped all opioids while 45.2% reported some reduction. 13.3% reported no modification in opioid use, and 1.1% reported a boost. In addition, 48.2% reported a 40-100% reduction in discomfort, 80.2% reported an enhanced capability to work and 87% a better lifestyle utilizing medical marijuana. 62.8% didn’t wish to take opioids in the future.


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” Our company believe our outcomes provide more assistance that medical marijuana supplied in a standardized procedure can result in reduced discomfort and opioid use, enhanced function, and lifestyle steps, and even total cessation of opioids in clients with persistent discomfort dealt with by opioids,” state the paper’s authors.

A modification in discomfort level was apparently not impacted by age and gender. Nevertheless, the more youthful age (<< 46 years of ages) showed enhanced capability to work compared to middle (46-55 years) and older age.

The authors of the paper are Kevin M. Takakuwa, Emergency Situation Medication, Society of Marijuana Clinicians, Sebastopol, U.S.A., and Dustin Sulak, General Practice, Integr8 Health, Falmouth, U.S.A.. Their research study has actually been released in the journal Cereus, and can be seen here.

Some information of the other research studies we have actually pointed out throughout the years suggesting medical marijuana might be beneficial in attending to the U.S.A.’s opioid scourge are here, here, here, here and here. More can be discovered utilizing this search.

A variety of US states now note opioid replacement as a certifying condition for their medical marijuana programs– consisting of New york city.

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