Airbender Hemp Pods (JUUL Compatible) CBD Vape Pods – 200mg – 1ml

Vendor: CBD Drip
Type: cbd pods

Airbender CBD Vape Pods

Airbender 200mg Hemp Pods are compatible with JUUL vape pens and available in 4 delicious flavors. Each package contains a single disposable 1ml CBD Pod refill in Mint, Lemon Bar, Sweet Melons or Original. Each CBD Hemp Vape Pod has 200mg/ml full spectrum CBD with approximately 200 puffs and No THC. Vaping is a fast acting way to add CBD to your system and you’ll enjoy the delicious vapor these flavorful CBD E-juice pods produce. Disposable CBD e-liquid pods are a convenient way to relax and enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

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