$99,000 Supercritical CO2 Extractor

Supercritical CO2 Extractor 10L complete spectrum botanical oil extraction

Basic Plan Rate: $ 99,000 + chiller $8,000 + training $1,500 + freight $2,500 = $111,000

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Prepared to process fall harvest? Purchase a brand-new 10L system to process as much as 20 pounds daily of hemp into the very best quality complete spectrum hemp oil and bottle directly from the maker while leaving the majority of the waxes and lipids. CO2 extracts command the very best costs, better than unreliable ethanol extraction.

Make $900-$ 5,000 daily: Perfect for terpene harvesting, complete spectrum oil, casts, vertically incorporated farm-to-table extractions you can bottle and offer straight to clients, or supply white-label items. Lovely quality CO2 oil that has a long service life. Depending upon your sales market, you might have the ability to offer $900– $5,000 of extracts per processing day. If you blend 1 gram of high worth CO2 drawn out complete spectrum oil with 30ml (about an ounce) of provider oil, you can offer retail for $45-90.00 a bottle. Make additional earnings from Toll Processing (recommend charging $1/gram drawn out or take half of the extract as toll– with 10 percent oil material hemp make anywhere from 300 to 900 grams daily extract depending upon the length of time you run. That is $300 to $900 daily earnings simply on toll processing– obviously you can charge more than that if you desire).

Email for billing: [email protected] Require details: 608-238-6001

Required training? Attempt among our experts. Without training, anticipate no outcomes and no maker operation.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction System Applications and Usage

  1. Live resin processing and diamond mining: Utilizing a live resin procedure, this system can be utilized for -processing the basis of recrystallization (Diamond Mining or Container Tech). The separation of CB D from terpenes is what Diamond Mining (formation of terp sauce) is everything about, and is extremely tasty and powerful final product.
  2. High quality hemp flower extract: Supercritical CO2 supplies a remarkable craft extraction, compared to any other extraction technique.
    Botanical extract: Supercritical CO2 is the very best technique to collect important plant terpenes and necessary oil.
  3. Produce extract which is ready-to-bottle: Performing At near 1,200 psi permits you to leave the majority of the waxes and lipids behind, producing a terpene abundant (around 85 percent CB D near extract) complete spectrum oil which you can combine with provider oil to bottle and offer direct to retail. In a lot of cases, this gets rid of the long post processing winterization action, and minimizes labor and devices required. This supplies the customer an almost touch-free extract with more nutrients than generally processed (and watered down) hemp oil. Ethanol processing is terpene overdue, and numerous unreliable processors utilize charcoal to filter out chlorophyll, and likewise filter out CB D from the end product.
  4. Terpenes: Supercritical CO2 is a tested technique to extract important terps.
  5. Plug-and-play: Our systems are developed to supply a system that is prepared to utilize after you uncrate. We consist of a fundamental setup set to link to a little chiller, and vent line for the CO2. Just connect those, and your CO2 cylinders to fill and run the system. Training is needed for this system. We have a finding out approach you require to follow, or you will not find out to run the system. Very first start with beer hops, which are abundant in oil. Then proceed to hemp, or other botanicals, after you have actually found out to utilize the system effectively. Not following this technique, will lead to bad success rates and probably no outcomes. We have actually established this approach for many years, and it works well, when followed. Your best choice to get up and running rapidly and effectively is to employ an expert to assist. Without appropriate training, you probably will have no maker operation.
  6. One moving part: Our system is distinct because it has one moving part, the liquid CO2 pump. Appropriate system cleansing, finding out, and operation will guarantee that the pump works effectively Hemp oil is extremely sticky, and will trigger pump failure. The secret is to avoid any product from reaching the pump, and it will run well. This holds true with the majority of CO2 systems. Without appropriate training and knowing, anticipate no outcomes.
  7. Quick roi: Utilizing our CO2 extractor, with our finding out approach will get you producing quality extracts rapidly. Craft CO2 extracts command a much greater rate than any ethanol procedure, and maintain the nutrients and advantages in the plant, versus other extraction procedures which lead to bad quality retention.
  8. Integrated In the U.S.A.: Happily integrated in the U.S.A.. Lots of parts we made in our store. Our system is engineer peer examined and licensed. Pressure vessels and closure systems are developed and made to ASME accreditation, by a qualified store in the U.S.A..
  9. Extractors For Hemp. Make quality 85 percent CB D complete spectrum oil right out of the maker (no post processing– prepared to bottle).

10L CO2 System

The finest craft supercritical CO2 complete spectrum oil extraction. Botanical oil extraction.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction– Entirely Quiet– No Air Compressor Required– Start Your Botanical Oil Extraction Revenues Today– Quick 1-4 Hour Extraction. Great for terpene extraction and complete spectrum oil right out of the maker. Produces the very best quality extract in the market. Leave waxes behind if you run near subcritical (minimizes or gets rid of winterization). Output oil right out of the maker near isolate quality (85 percent).

Live Resin Processing and Diamond Mining: Utilizing a live resin procedure, this system can be utilized for processing the basis of recrystallization (Diamond Mining or Container Tech). The separation of CB D from terpenes is what Diamond Mining (formation of terp sauce) is everything about, and is extremely tasty and powerful final product.

Free Websites Listing on This Site: If you acquire a 10L CO2 system at complete rate, we’ll provide you a listing for 1 month by yourself page, and refer visitors or callers to you who require toll processing to the web page, or to you straight. That listing can include your service name, e-mail or phone contact details, services used, and even images of your maker and complete spectrum high quality extracts. This is a substantial worth considering that we get big quantities of traffic from Google web searches. Minimal time deal.

High Quality Complete Spectrum Oil— Right Out of the Maker: Run this system at lower pressure and get an extremely high quality petroleum output (little to no winterization required), which is 80 percent CB D (extremely near isolate quality) which you can bottle and offer to the customer straight. ROI PDF: 20191031-infinity-supercritical-roi-net-income-per-day-4766


Supercritical CO2 Drawn out Oil commands a buy rate of practically two times that of ethanol or other standard drawn out approaches. Utilizing the Infinity Supercritical CO2 extractor with hemp is thought about a complete spectrum oil extraction. We have actually held the $99,000 rate the exact same considering that 2015, while other extractors cost more cash (for the exact same size and output).


We see wholesale purchase costs for CO2 drawn out oil at $6.0/ gram to $10.00+/ gram in Wisconsin. On a retail level, one gram of CO2 drawn out complete spectrum oil, which is integrated with 1 oz of provider oil (coconut oil) costs $45.00-$ 90.00 at retailers. Your expense of production, consisting of the bottle, flower, and processing is normally less than $3.00 If you offer your brand name, by yourself site, then you can see those greater list prices, and earnings.

What’s Incorrect With Ethanol Extraction?

The Issue With Big Scale Ethanol Batch Extraction: Generally, big scale ethanol extraction has a variety of disadvantages. Given that recycled ethanol is imperitive to low expense processing operation, the dilution of the pure ethanol ends up being jeopardized (water keeps getting included) which leads to bad extraction performance. In addition, ethanol has bad terpene retention (terpepes end up being unstable and merely vaporize). Lastly, numerous ethanol processors who do a quick-turn extraction, wind up with great deals of bitter green tasting chlorophyll. To filter out that, they utilize triggered carbon filters (described as carbon scrubbing), which likewise filter out the majority of the important parts (source: Romano LL, Hazekamp A. Oil: chemical examination of an approaching based medication. 2013; 7( 1 ):1 -11.)

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Produces The Very Best Quality Complete Spectrum Oil


Quiet Running and Conserves Time and Your Cash: No more loud air compressors. No more waiting 12-24 hours for your batch processor to finish its cycle. Your time is cash. Utilize your time to make extracts quicker. This system will lead to less time invested with upkeep, or waiting on a long extraction procedure, and will supply you with more time that is invested drawing out earnings. This system supplies a quicker extraction and cuts your cycle time to draw out more oil in less time. Quiet operation.


Infinity Supercritical laser inscribes maker tags and inscribes parts to take the user experience to the next level. We carefully laser cut our caster beam frame, then sandblast it, and powercoat the frames for an expert surface (a last clear coat is obtained durability).

Optional Assistance Cart and Vessel Holder

Optional Assistance Cart For Pump Upkeep, Collection Vessel Holding, and Assistance Operations. The most expert extraction system readily available on the marketplace.

Item: The 10L is a batch fed botanicals petroleum extractor, utilizing supercritical CO2 innovation, which is well shown in the food processing (coffee decaf) and pharmaceuticals market.

Revenues: The 10L permits processing of percentages (number up makers for medium quantities) of botanicals extraction, compared to other batch reactors. Utilizing our FlowBar, production is decreased down to 1-4 hours per cycle. This permits much better processing performance, which conserves labor and energy expenses, and increases your earnings capacity.

Time: The 10L conserves you time. The FlowBar approach gets you ended up item quicker, and at less production expense.


Low Carry-Over (More Extracted Oil You Can Offer): Decreasing carry-over conserves time and parts expenses in system upkeep, and puts more earnings into your pocket. It likewise indicates less time invested in maintenance with the maker, and more time invested in drawing out oil.

Target Oil and Minimize Post Processing Time (Conserve more than half of your time by targeting oil you desire, not wax): Systems are developed to target oil production at pressures lower than 2,000 psi, which particularly can maintain important terpenes, and stress oil harvesting, rather of waxes and other by-products, which require to be gotten rid of in post processing. The petroleum output from the 10L is thought about a complete spectrum oil, and can be offered straight as-is, or combined with a provider oil (such as coconut oil) and bottled for sale.

Run 2 Months Without Pump Cleansing (professional status operator with training and experience): Peaceful, dependable, and most affordable upkeep CO2 pump in the market. We have one consumer who has actually run his maker practically daily for 2 months without cleaning his CO2 pump. We likewise are the very first business to supply a bolt-on pump cleaner to clean your pump head in-place. We focus on gathering the oil prior to it gets to the CO2 pump utilizing our exclusive electrostatic collector. Others make you purchase extra pumps, or need cleansing every couple of days.

Cleansing: Regard your devices, and it will run terrific. We just recently had one consumer remark that the 10L was a “cash cow” and was eagerly anticipating his 2nd maker, to make more earnings. Keeping a system tidy so that it runs properly holds true with the majority of devices. We advise constantly keeping your maker tidy, and a minimum of every 15 cycles do an extensive ethanol clear out of the system. If you do unclean your maker, anticipate that it will not operate at all. We have actually had clients that do not clean their maker at all, and they go through seals on a weekly basis, then question why it isn’t running as much as expectations. We have actually had a couple of groups return makers for repair work, and all that was required was an excellent maker cleansing. Have some regard for your earnings center, and you’ll get terrific outcomes.

System Parts: 3 collection vessels with bottom exit valves, heat healing system, CO2 preheat, electrostatic collection, FlowBar, spares plan, shipping, dog crate, chiller, additional baskets, bolt on pump cleaner, training, assistance, pump head cleansing holder, vent tube and manifold, CO2 screen, CO2 liquid sight-glass.

CO2 Extraction System Complete Setup:

Capability: 10 Liter (2-3 pounds of flower)

Operation: Semi-Automatic Pressure: 2,000 psi

Power: 220V 60hz Single Stage (for European setups you need to have 60hz)

Engineer Peer Reviewed: California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona


Modular Fluid Extractor 10L– Run SubCritical or Supercritical CO2

System holds about 10 Liters volume of botanicals (inside extraction vessel has to do with 48 x 4 inches or 600 cubic inches or practically 10 L). We do not advise carefully ground product that can not be consisted of within the 40 micron botanicals basket.

How it Functions: High pressure liquid CO2 is pumped into a extraction vessel, which brings the CO2 supercritical as it enters into the separation/collection vessels. As the botanicals can be found in contact with the CO2, the oil is launched into the CO2, considering that the CO2 functions as a solvent. The gas and oil (co-mingled) are launched into the separation/collection vessel where the pressure drops and the botanical oil leaves as a liquid. The CO2 gas is then condensed back to a liquid by means of a little heat exchanger, and after that recirculated through a CO2 pump to begin the cycle over.


Electrostatic Precipitator: Infinity Supercritical is the very first in the market to make use of fixed electrical energy to help in collection of oil. Typically referred to as ESP, electrostatic rainfall is a technique utilized in numerous markets to eliminate particulates in a gas circulation. In this case, we’re using some exact same innovation (however with our own development) to gather oil. A little charge collects in the entrained oil, that makes it follow the very first collection vessel.
Semi-Automated: Turn the CO2 pump on, and leave it on. You can adust the pump speed, which sets the pressure. The system runs in a steady-state as soon as begun. This is a 2,000 psi or less working pressure system. Normal runs will be at 1,300 to 1,800 psi. The system working pressure is ranked for 2,000 psi. A security relief vavle is offered to launch any pressure which exceeds 2,000 psi. Targets oil at or listed below 2,000 psi to lessen post processing. High Pressure Systems (above 2000 psi) = great deals of post processing.


Fittings: We utilize quality Swagelok fittings. System is made in the U.S.A..

FlowBar: The CO2 FlowBar boosts the CO2 shipment and circulation within the botanicals extraction vessel. While practically every CO2 extraction system goes into in one end and exits the other, our brand-new idea provides CO2 in a consistent way throughout the whole extraction vessel. The outcome is a much faster, and more extensive extraction.



Collection Vessel Holder

Learn Extraction Appropriately

Suggested Knowing Arrange and Method: After offering great deals of systems, and figuring out the very best practice to find out extraction, we have actually established a knowing system to assist you lessen pump upkeep, and optimize yield and effective extraction runs. If you follow our knowing strategy, and practice extraction operates on hops, you can anticipate appropriate system operation, low pump upkeep, and extractions as much as the complete oil material of your botanicals. One hundred percent of operator issues in the beginning start-up are because of the operator forgetting training. We recommend you run your maker a week after training.

If you follow this schedule, you will find out rapidly. If you do not follow this schedule, then you can anticipate pump blocking, developing pressure problems, and absence of yield or extract. If you choose to not follow our strategy, then you can anticipate to have pump issues (from incorrectly running the system) and little to no yield (extraction). To be clear, if you do not follow our suggested strategy, you might get no outcomes. Prior experience on other CO2 extraction makers does not make any distinction to running a brand-new maker, with a various setup. To be clear, you require appropriate training, and follow a well thought-out strategy to be successful if you wish to have terrific extractions.

Knowing Approach Arrange For Extraction
We recommend you do a number of practice runs with the maker empty (no botanicals– simply CO2) and after that practicing utilizing hops (with recognized oil material). We advise utilizing 1 pound of hops in the extraction vessel, and doing a minimum of 10 practice runs as much as 1,400 psi. Change the extraction time from 1 to 4 hours, and see how your outcomes might differ. You might likewise experiment doing the very first 30-45 minutes with no heat, to gather terpenes. Practice on low worth hops initially, gain experience, then proceed to your trim or bud.

Improper usage of the 10L system can lead to part damage, which is not a service warranty concern, it’s a flag for the operator to continue to find out, and train with the system for appropriate, rewarding operation. Unless you have actually had your botanicals evaluated for oil material, we do not advise finding out on any botanicals with unidentified oil material. To be clear, do not utilize your trim or bud to begin with.

If you have a concern relating to an utilized maker purchase, please call us at the number at the top of the page, or please e-mail: [email protected]

Assistance Cart for the Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 extraction system consists of tools and 3 100 pound. CO2 cylinders with siphon downtubes.

Lovely powder-coated caster beam cart with commercial casters. Laser inscribed table top and back tool holder with laser inscribed Feline Pump cut-away and diagram. Steps 24 inches large x 48 inches long x 50 inches in height. This cart was developed to support CO2 extraction activities and consists of a Feline 310 pump vice to hold the pumphead while maintenance. Consists of all tools and collection vessel holders. Market price: $4,999. These ship in 2 big cages. The assistance cart and cylinders are utilized and in excellent working condition. Crates/freight/insurance to any lower 48 U.S.A. states amount to $2,500. Please email for billing: [email protected]

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