6 Best CBD Bath Bombs & Soaks (Ministry of Hemp)

When it’s time to relax, look no further than CBD bath products. These soothing bath bombs will maximize stress relief during “me time.”

It’s easy to get envious when you see someone on Instagram drop a bath bomb into their tub in that perfect bath set up picture (hashtag #selfcare!). You can reach for that ultimate relaxation too with CBD bath bombs. We put together this list of the best CBD bath products that are worth more than just a pretty picture. 

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is take a bath. Hydrotherapy, bathing, is one of the oldest human pastimes and it goes beyond just getting clean. A warm bath may help induce feelings of well being and decrease anxiety. So it’s no surprise to see CBD thrown into the mix. We decided to try out a variety of CBD and hemp bath products to see…

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