5 Valentine’s Day Presents for the Stoner in your Life

I’m going to begin straight off and state this post is covertly a message to my non-pot smoking cigarettes sweetheart. She informs me I’m her unique stoner partner and because of that alone I believe I be worthy of something a bit more thoughtful for Valentine’s Day this year, being the underachieving male kid that I am.

If you too have an unique stoner in your life we ensure the 5 products below will make them fall head over heels in love with you, all over once again.

Foria– Cannabis-Infused Sexual Lube


It’s time we shed some old-timey preconceptions when it concerns ladies and weed. That suggests no more slut-shaming, say goodbye to side-eye and demeaning remarks about how unladylike smoking cigarettes marijuana is. And for the love of all that is excellent and smokey can we likewise please permit ladies to totally welcome their sexuality?

If you’re nodding earnestly to any of this you’ll enjoy to understand there is a sexual lube on the marketplace that is instilled with weed. Smear some on and see the highs fly. Foria is a restorative oil developed to improve female satisfaction and is made with natural liquid coconut oil (MCT) and cleansed pharmaceutical-grade marijuana oil. What this suggests is that anything that enters into contact with it, a starving and prepared mouth, for instance, will make sure to take in all that THC goodness.

Sexxpot– Orgasm Intensifying Weed


If sex and pot are your things, then you should not be shocked that somebody who shares your very same enthusiasms merged the 2 in an effort to make a holy alliance hidden because somebody initially soaked cookies in milk. Karyn Wagner, creator of Paradigm Medical Cannabis and now the owner of Bay Area-based Sexxpot produced this distinct pressure to offer ladies the capability to increase their orgasmic expertises through the power of pot. Basically the pressure is cultivated with ladies in mind, with the objective of assisting them attain astonishing, extreme, full-body orgasms throughout sexual relations.

Hemper– Weed Membership Box


Stoners yearn for range, like changing from Fruit Loops to Trix or Mom Celeste Pizzas to Tombstone (the excellent things). Your unique stoner is no various. Assist them out a bit this year by setting them up with Hemper, a month-to-month membership box that provides whatever from rolling documents and roach clips to dab rigs and stow away containers. Hemper’s rotating curation of products constantly includes a glass pipeline in the mix, with the capability to select in between the Bare Vital, Hemper Load and the Glassesntials Box, that includes a premium, hand-curated pipeline for its users.


You and your unique stoner require some quality alone time. They have actually had a rough day working the sales register at your regional Whole Foods and their feet ache from riding a skateboard all the time. It does not matter your unique stoner is just 35, they seem like they have actually made it, so it’s finest you 2 take a while and talk some sense into them.

And what’s a much better location to talk sense than in a thick, unnerving cloud of weed smoke? That’s the appeal of the Personal privacy Pop Camping Tent. It permits ideal personal privacy and the capability to hotbox your own bed.

You can put up 4 nylon walls in your bed, stimulate one up and discuss to your unique stoner why stopping their task at Whole Foods and growing weed may not be the most feasible profession option today.


Would not it be excellent that if for this Valentine’s the date was currently set, the love and state of mind appeared and the joints simply rolled themselves? Well, get your unique stoner the Otto Electric Mill from Banana Bros and they may simply utter those 3 wonderful words:

I like this!

Tenderly reveal them how it works and see as their jaw falls off their face. And if your unique stoner does not like and value you after a present like this, well, micro-dosing tech geeks are constantly an alternative.


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