3 Tips for Securely Cleaning Your Bong

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Absolutely nothing ruins the taste of excellent smoke more than a filthy bong. Not just can a filthy bong mess up the taste, it can likewise have unfavorable results on your health. A filthy bong which contains stagnant water in the pipes is typically a reproducing ground for germs and can result in a number of breathing infections. Besides, a tidy bong guarantees fresh-tasting weed and smoother hits. Fortunately, cleaning your bong does not need excessive time and can be done quickly.

Though cleaning up a bong routinely is advantageous, how you clean it is similarly essential for your health. Lots of cigarette smokers utilize alcohol for cleaning their bongs, however this might not be the best choice considering that alcohol includes a number of contaminants, a trace of which might be left when cleaned up. These contaminants can then negatively impact breathing health. As such, you must look for other cleansing techniques.

In this short article, we go over the leading 3 methods to securely clean your bong:

  • Non-Toxic Bong Cleaners

There are a number of bong cleaners offered in the market today that are made from natural active ingredients, like clay, to provide you a tidy bong within minutes. These gels and services aren’t simply fantastic bong cleaners, however are devoid of abrasive salts and low in unstable natural substances, or VOCs. This makes bong cleaner gels safe for both your health and the environment.

Bong cleaner gel is a great method to assist keep your bongs looking fantastic and really still safe for usage. If you utilize your bongs daily, you’ll wish to make sure that they’re safe to utilize as typically as possible without damaging your bong’s glass or the environment. A great quality bong cleaner is an excellent method to look after that considering that it gets rid of the dirt and resins from the bong efficiently without damaging the glass. If you desire something much easier to utilize which is safe for your health and the environment, then a non-toxic bong cleaner is perfect for you.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar

Easy cooking area products might suffice to provide you a beautiful, clear bong. You can clean your bong with simple and safe active ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and warm water.

To clean your bong with vinegar and baking soda, position the bong in a pot. Start by filling the bong pipeline with 1/2 cup baking soda, then put about 1 1/2 cups of baking soda into the pot. Now put the vinegar into the bong stem, this will develop carbonic acid that will develop an instantaneous fizz. Include the left-over vinegar to the pot.

Now include adequate water in the pot to completely cover the bong and bring it to a boil. Then let it simmer for a couple of minutes, depending upon the resin accumulation. Ensure that the water level does not decrease as it can expose the bong to air, which can trigger a fracture in the bong.

Lastly, shut off the heat and eliminate the bong with a set of tongs, draining pipes out the water in it. Now put a little sodium bicarbonate and vinegar in the bong, making a paste of it, and scrub the within with a tooth brush. Wash the bong with faucet water, clean it with a tidy dry towel, and leave it to air dry.

  • Lemon and Warm Water

Due to the acids present in the fruit, lemons are perfect for cleaning up bongs, along with other products in your house. The enzymes in the lemon juice aid break down the resin accumulation, that makes it much easier to keep the bong tidy.

To clean your bong utilizing lemon juice and warm water, start by dismantling your bong. Then heat water and put it into a tub. Now, take the unclean parts of the bong and rub it with lemon. Lemon is understood for its cleaning residential or commercial properties and the citric acid in the lemon will sanitize the bong from the within.

After rubbing the bong with lemon completely, immerse it in the tub filled with warm water. Let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Lastly, take it out and wash it with faucet water to get a gleaming tidy glass.


When to Tidy Your Bong

Though cleaning your bong routinely might be perfect for your health, lots of might discover it tough to make the effort out daily for cleansing. This is why it is very important to understand when is it needed to clean your bong.

Below are a couple of indications that inform you it’s time you require to clean your bong.

  • Slimy Movie Finishing

After a couple of usages, you might observe a slimy movie finishing over your bong. A bong with an unclean movie finishing is a perfect breeding place for germs and fungi and can trigger serious breathing problems. When you observe this movie on your bong, you understand it’s time to clean it.

  • Resin Accumulation

Resin accumulation can harm the taste and odor of weed. If not cleaned up routinely, the resin might develop in hard-to-reach locations that are tough to tidy, therefore ruining your total cigarette smoking experience. When you see a thick layer of stickiness in your bong, you understand its resin accumulation that requires instant cleansing.

  • Stagnant, Smelly Water

Leaving tidy water in your bong, even if it’s simply for a couple of days, will make it turn stagnant and foul-smelling. The water is utilized as a filter to eliminate the extreme pollutants from the weed you smoke– so, when you do not alter the water routinely, the pollutants in the water develop, triggering a nasty odor and making it a breeding place for germs.

For That Reason, it is very important to alter the water in your bong after every usage. If there’s stagnant, smelly, brown water in the bong, you require to clean your bong prior to utilizing it.


Keeping your bong tidy will not just make sure that the taste is excellent, however will likewise make sure that your lung health is not negatively impacted by harmful accumulations.

While cleaning your bong, make certain to utilize cleaners that do not include alcohol or VOC. Picking non-toxic cleansing gels or natural cooking area active ingredients like vinegar and lemon to clean your bong is an excellent method to guarantee your security, the security of the environment, and the durability of your glass bong.

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