3 Surprising Uses for Hemp Pure CBD Oil

With CBD popping up everywhere we’ve asked our customers to share the most unique ways they are using our incredible hemp CBD products. We’ve included direct quotes from studies because we know real science delivers real results. Pure Hemp CBD products make no claims and all information in this article is provided from customer experience and case studies.

Disclaimer: Pure Hemp Shop makes no claims that CBD can cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses, whether that is mental, physical, or emotional. All data here was provided from customer experience with our products. If your pet has any serious medical issues we recommend you consult your veterinarian. Pure Hemp CBD Products are only designed to help promote an overall sense of wellness only.

1. CBD Research With Weight Loss Support

Research has begun to surface suggesting pure CBD oil could be effective in aiding with weight loss, particularly with metabolism and appetite. With research still in it’s infancy stage no official claim can be made that CBD supports weight loss or has any direct influence on the metabolism or appetite. CBD helps promote a general feeling of wellness which in turn can help aid in any weight loss regimen you may pursuing. Pure Hemp has even enhanced the experience with our Pure Hemp CBD Spray by adding potent garcinia cambogia and potassium to help with absorption. 

What the Research Says:

CBD Weight Loss Research

What Our Customers Say:

Pure Hemp CBD Results

2. Research and Customer Success Stories for Quitting Smoking with Hemp CBD

We know it sounds a little strange to use a CBD to help you quit smoking, but some of our customers swear by using CBD to stop smoking nicotine. At Pure Hemp CBD we make no claims that our products can help treat any addictions but take a look at what some of our customers are using or products for when it comes to how it helped them quit. Some turn to our cbd vape for support because they like the action and feel. Some use the Pure Hemp Full Spectrum Oils to help combat the craving. For whatever reason, we’re hearing a lot of success from our team. 

What the Research Says:

CBD smoke free

What Our Customers Say: 

Joe smoking cbd success

3. CBD for Support During Different Levels of Radiation/Chemotherapy

A lot of research suggests that cannabinoids, which is derived from marijuana or hempcan help promote a general feeling of wellness and relaxation. In June 2018 the FDA approved the first medicine with CBD included. It is said to help combat nausea. This is still in early trials and not available to the general public yet. While going through Chemotherapy, since CBD can help promote wellness it makes sense that our customers have been reporting they love to use their CBD in relations with chemotherapy. Pure Hemp CBD makes no claims that CBD can medically benefit any cancer patient all information here is provided from case studies and customer reviews.

What the Research Says:

CBD Cancer


What Our Customers Say: 

CBD cancer  


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