2020 Best CBD Protein Powders: WayofLeaf's Top Picks

People are more aware than ever that CBD has many excellent potential benefits. It is available in various forms, and people from across many different life paths can find any number of CBD methods they enjoy. In recent years, CBD has expanded to include infused protein powders.

Protein powders have become popular as a way to recover after strenuous exercise. Getting a boost of protein powder after a workout can soothe muscle aches, calm post-exercise soreness, and encourage muscle repair.

Why Choose CBD Protein Powder?

CBD-infused protein powders may extend the benefits of standard protein powders. They achieve this by offering critical post-exercise anti-inflammation assistance, pain and stress reduction, and an increase in energy. CBD protein powder may also add to a healthy and balanced diet with its infusion of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes.

CBD protein powders can also be added to shakes, smoothies, and other drinks and taken on the go. Consumers won’t have to wait for after a workout to indulge. Instead, they can substitute high-calorie snacks for a healthy drink that contains CBD protein powder.

However, as CBD has become wildly popular, it may seem difficult to find the right brand. At WayofLeaf, we’ve done the hard job of filtering through reviews, brand pages, and recommendations to find the highest quality products. We’ve listed below some of our picks for the best CBD protein powders.

#1. Floyd’s of Leadville Recovery Protein

Floyd’s of Leadville offers a supercharging recovery powder with 25mg of CBD per serving. Each pack of powder contains THC-free CBD isolate. It also contains compounds such as branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs. These substances are vital to the repair of damaged muscles.

This brand of powder also utilizes superior American grown CBD. It also doesn’t contain any additives. Customers can choose to purchase either a 1-lb bag, a single packet, or a box of 6.

It contains no trans fat or cholesterol and has a high level of amino acids, chemicals that are important for the transport of nutrients in the body.

Not only did we find that this protein powder was delicious; Floyd’s of Leadville has other significant advantages, including the following:

  • Two tasty flavors are available (chocolate or vanilla)
  • Natural sugar or stevia sweeteners
  • The product contains either vanilla beans or raw cacao
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Only 180 calories per serving

#2. Pure Hemp CBD Protein Powder

Pure Hemp may be famous for their oils, but their protein powders are just as good! Their CBD Protein Powder contains top-notch compounds, including American grown hemp. Pure Hemp doesn’t use any harsh pesticides, chemicals, or other unwanted substances. This commitment to quality makes a difference in the final product.

There were other benefits we loved about this product, including:

  • All items are lab-tested
  • Products contain CO2 extracted materials
  • They utilize full-spectrum CBD
  • Two flavors are available (chocolate or vanilla)
  • Each tub has 300mg of CBD

#3. Altrufuel Collagen Recovery

Altrufuel’s protein powder gets down to serious business. They specially crafted their protein to aid in muscle repair and post-exercise recovery and to rejuvenate tired skin. We love that we can get good after-exercise help and possibly younger-looking skin!

We were surprised to find that the founder of Altrufuel, Ian Berger, used it while he was a competitor in the 2018 Crossfit Games. After taking a look online, we found other competitive athletes also gave this product great reviews.

Altrufuel also contains:

  • Lab-tested ingredients
  • American grown hemp
  • Terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Collagen enhancing compounds

#4. BioSteel CBD Isolate Protein Powder

Biosteel has an interesting backstory. Canopy Growth, the first publicly traded CBD company in North America, recently purchased them. The company’s focus is to create quality CBD products that can aid individuals in their athletic endeavors and wellness journeys.

Biosteel is followed by sports royalty; this includes the likes of Wayne Gretsky and Brooke Henderson. Biosteel Protein Powder has 20mg of CBD isolate per serving that supports muscle repair.

Biosteel also features:

  • An rBGH hormone-free formulation
  • Pure CBD isolate
  • 500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Two tasty flavors (chocolate or vanilla)

#5. Goliath NutriPower

Goliath NutriPower offers premium CBD and hemp products for the athletic community. Their products are geared towards high-performance needs and yet uniquely designed to give anyone a good, clean burst of CBD.

Athletes often face strenuous physical demands, and they need a protein powder that can optimize their workouts. Goliath NutriPower fits the bill.

And while we’re not competitive athletes, we found that their use of naturally-occurring compounds and stringent quality techniques made an impact. We loved how energized the powder made us feel after our workouts, and the taste was delicious. They also provide third-party lab tests for all products.

The Biosteel CBD Protein also includes:

  • Grass-Fed Whey
  • Amino Acids
  • No pesticides or additives
  • 25g of protein per serving
  • No THC

Final Thoughts on CBD Protein Powders

Searching for a CBD protein powder can feel challenging. There are many CBD brands on the market, and it can be hard to tell which companies are reputable and take significant steps to ensure quality.

Our guide outlines a few of the brands that utilize tests, commit to quality assurance, and source high-grade materials. So if you’re searching for an excellent CBD protein powder, give some of our picks a try.


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